Ways of thyroid cancer prevention

Ways of thyroid cancer prevention
- Avoid exposure to radiation when it is too small.
The exposure to radiation during childhood, can lead to increased risk of thyroid cancer in children. Thus, before the child goes imaging parents should consult the advice of a doctor.
- Beware of strange manifestations
if you suffer from thyroid disease often have symptoms such as fatigue, limb fatigue, unexplained weight loss or sudden weight gain, the body becomes more sensitive to the symptoms ... can be derived from thyroid disorders or can be one of the common health problems other. However, you should be cautious with this expression, may be visited by a doctor to be detective direct examination.
- Self-test at home
You can check the thyroid at home if there are doubts as strange expression of the body. With a mirror and neck posture behind your back and then first check your operator on the neck have tumors that do not appear.
Also, if you suffer difficulty swallowing, hoarseness occurred during a long period without medication sign of abating, you should be vigilant.
- Maintain a diet low in fat.
According to scientific studies have confirmed that the consumption of fat in the daily diet can increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer
So, to protect health in the best way, you should change your diet by limiting foods high in fat and fast food. Regular supplements of green vegetables and fiber in the diet.

 - Maintain a reasonable body weight.
Besides a healthy eating habit, to maintain a healthy weight insufficiency has importance in the effort to prevent thyroid cancer.
- Know the capture of risk.
Thyroid cancer is a genetic disease. so that, in your family who have had thyroid cancer, others are also at risk face higher risk including you.
In this case you should take the initiative to seek regular health and take blood tests or X-ray ... to know you are not at risk and early disease detection.
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