Warning more men with throat cancer

Warning more men with throat cancer
Compared to other countries in the world, the number of patients being diagnosed throat cancer in our country ranks highest and alarming number of diseases that are increasing. Before this reality, it is a problem that arises is that what is the cause?
According to the American Cancer Hospital hospital annually receives hundreds of new cases being diagnosed and hospitalized hundreds of cases of the disease treatment. Estimates in our country throat cancer is a common disease in the 7th out of 10 human cancer and the most common is a common disease the most common head and neck. According to the doctors said all of them are at risk of infection in men that is most susceptible subjects.
Medical experts assess a disease this is quite dangerous because the symptoms are not easy to make patients clearly confused with other conditions or only detected when the disease has moved into the final stages, complications large, expensive treatments and extremely difficult.
Discussing the causes of the doctors said there are many factors to be assessed increases disease risk, but the main reason that the disease 2 development may be mentioned that due to the habit of smoking and alcohol, and by cigarette.

Tobacco - the leading cause of serious disease caused.

Many studies have shown that tobacco contains hundreds of toxic chemicals capable of altering genes and develop into cancer cells. Some of them we can mention that nicontin, benzene ring, ammoniacz, nitrite, arsenic ... in the process of burning the chemicals are burned part will enter the body through the mouth, sugar nose, and part will be discharged into the outside environment. For a portion is absorbed into the body will stagnate in the throat mucosa, long day they will thicken and alter the epithelium causes throat cancer throat. It is estimated that every year we recorded hundreds of millions of deaths on diseases caused by tobacco.
Alcohol - a major cause of cancer.
Besides smoking, alcohol is considered the leading cause of disease-causing danger. For those who also smoke and drink, the destructive power will increase many times over. Not only cause of throat cancer are alcohol addicts at risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory, liver, bile, stomach than people who do not smoke and drink alcohol.
Smoking and drinking habits are pretty typical of Vietnamese men, it also contributed to why the number of male patients are diagnosed with the disease is increasing. Doctors recommend that people who have this habit need regular health examination, when there are signs of throat cancer and needs immediate medical facilities to inspection procedures.
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