Thyroid cancer and important findings

Thyroid cancer and important findings
Along with the rapid development of modern medicine, the new findings about human cancers including increasing thyroid cancer. These findings not only give us a more comprehensive view of this serious disease, but also help us to have more knowledge to prevent the disease effectively. Let's look back on the key findings of modern medicine for this disease.
- Women are susceptible subjects.  

Although thyroid disease can thyroid cancer detected in all materials but according to statistics show that more than 70% of patients were detected which were women. Age detect the most common disease that is women in menopause when hormone in the body decline. This finding does not mean that these gentlemen can not afford to get sick. In fact the number of male patients diagnosed with the disease are high and the number is increasing in the past few years.
- The disease tends to rejuvenate.  

According to a recent survey in the US shows that if in the 80s of last century to detect disease age falls between the outer 40 in recent years tend to age rejuvenation. It is alarming that the number of people infected in adulthood growing.
- Anonymous Where exactly is the cause of the disease.  

Even with so many tests over the welding done so far scientists have not had sufficient basis to conclude what exactly is causing the specific cause of this serious disease. Many assumptions are set forth as chemical exposure, living habits, hormonal changes ... are evaluated as factors that increase the risk of disease.
- Signs unclear.  

These signs of thyroid cancer in the early stages is often blurred to make patients get confused or overlooked. To get accurate conclusions about the health status and health conditions, the best method is the healthcare that cancer screening.
- Must be taken for life.

Perhaps this is an information not everyone would expect. However, doctors said the patients were diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the treatment still have to use drugs to end life support to maintain balance hormone levels in the body.
- Use iodine radiation to treat cancer.  

To destroy cancer cells and prevent the growth of malignant cells in the body the doctor will use iodine radiation.
- The disease can be cured. 

 Similar to other cancers of thyroid cancer can be cured if detected finish early and the good thing is that cure rates of the disease are often much higher than diseases such as cancer liver, kidney, stomach, lung ...
These are the key findings related to thyroid cancer, and scientists are trying to conduct additional testing to detect additional information related to this disease.
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