throat cancer, and four things to know

throat cancer, and four things to know
Known as a serious disease but our knowledge about cancer back palate is rather limited. Here are 4 things people need to know about this disease.
Warning Signs risk easily overlooked
According to the US Department of Health when patients are moved disease detection with advanced, poor prognosis. Explaining this because doctors said the disease has no obvious manifestations makes people easily overlooked or confused with other diseases, such as head and neck cancer, esophageal signs or larynx. The warning symptoms risk people need attention are:
- Patients found that the appearance of tumors arising in the head and neck area in an unusual way. Over time the Treasury tumors growing in size and increasing in number.
- Patients who feel a sore throat appears lasting a number of drugs used, but are ineffective.
- Patients often have difficulty in breathing and talking.
- Frequent nosebleeds.
- Ho multiple, persistent cough over 3 weeks not out, has used the chemotherapy drug, but the situation has not improved.
- Appeared pain when swallowing problems.

Smoking is the cause of throat cancer.
A major cause of this disease that is caused by cigarette smoking habit. However this does not absolutely mean that those who do not smoke will not likely get sick. In fact there are many causes such as alcohol, chemical exposures, toxic environment, HPV infection ...
The disease can not be prevented.
Although not found a vaccine specific for UT throat cancer as well as other people often suffer however we can completely preventable disease risk. Creating a healthy life, the habit of science, reasonable diet, exercise and sports ... is the work of doctors recommended that people should take to get healthy life as well as to avoid the risk of illness.
The disease can be cured.
Many cases patients can live more than 5 years and no signs of recurrence after the throat cancer symptoms and timely treatment. The important point of the success lies in the fact that the phase detection as well as apply appropriate treatment regimen. Like other malignancies body nasopharyngeal cancer if detected at an early stage, treatment and healing ability is very high.
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