These signs of esophageal cancer

These signs of esophageal cancer
Health experts recommend that when experiencing symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, choking swallow, salivation, sore throat, body malaise, arising tumors in head and neck ... everyone should go see the doctor immediately because this could are signs of esophageal cancer.
According to statistics of the Ministry of Health said that esophageal cancer is a dangerous disease ranks 4th in human patients often suffer after liver cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal cancer. In fine the periodic health examination has not been adequate attention leads to a lot of diseases are detected only when turned to an advanced stage, major complications. Especially the symptoms of esophageal cancer early stages are often very poor and the sick are easily mistaken for other common diseases.
Like other cancers, oesophageal cancer, if detected and treated immediately in the early stages and the prognosis is good and minimize the cost of treatment. It is based on the clinical presentation will help patients discover the disease at an early stage. Some people expressed to note are:
- Difficulty swallowing.  

For patients with throat cancer also phenomenon dysphagia, swallowing difficulty eating. There are many reasons leading to difficulty swallowing, difficulty swallowing like eating pieces too big, too dry food, solid food was the cause of the phenomenon. But if the phenomenon of swallowing difficulty, choking swallow takes place in a long time people need to think about the risk of illness. The appearance of the tumor can cause esophageal tube pinched to make movement of food from the mouth to the gastrointestinal tract more difficult.
- Pain.  

Pain is a feeling common among cancer patients. For patients with esophageal cancer early stages pain only when patients try to swallow food, but when the disease has moved to the next stage of the attack appear more even in a state average often. Besides swallowing, the food swallowed, drink water or next to the patient that also have this feeling.
- Nausea and vomiting.

 There are many causes of nausea and vomiting sensation, such as food allergies, increased secretion of gastric stomach. However, in many cases the appearance of the tumor causing esophageal stricture tube is also cause nausea. Patients may encounter symptoms when trying to swallow food, when patients were transitioned to severe nausea appears more.
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