The risk of throat cancer from mainstream Kiss Cam

The risk of throat cancer from mainstream Kiss Cam
Kiss Cam, also known as kissing strangers movement is a "pleasure" of the young new today. But experts say this trend of young people as well as extremely dangerous potential risk of dangerous diseases, including nasopharyngeal cancer.
Cancer from extravagant pleasures.
M was extremely surprised when you visit the doctor and was diagnosed with throat cancer. This youth was extremely disturbed when not understand the reason why I caught this dangerous disease. As far as what M share it in recent times, he would often feel pain, throat problems, dry cough, productive cough, difficulty swallowing ... the original M can only think you're suffering from a sore throat due to changing times information. But 2 weeks had passed but still have not seen M's medical condition tends relieved himself. Too worried about their health status to the hospital M has to check and diagnosis of throat cancer. Doctors said during careful examination they found in his secretions mixed virus HPV- a human papilloma virus.
Information suffered throat cancer as lightning that M not startled, he tried to explain the cause of her illness but have not figured out. Through visits to the known a few months ago M crowd classmates get involved in a game called Kiss Cam. The rules of the game are very simple which is why you try to kiss as many girls as possible. Due to a large new psychology to explore, plus the curious to try the feeling of being heterosexual marriage should happen M and a few other friends did not hesitate to join. According to what he shared it in three days to play a game on average one day he can marry his girlfriend 20-30 and most of them are people you never knew.
Share this regard doctors said today the Kiss Cam is a movement to attract the attention of young people crowded. Considering the extent of a meaningful game that actively help you to become more dynamic and challenging communication capabilities to be able to ask his girlfriend to accept his strange marriage. However, most young people are unforeseen perils of this challenge that is at high risk from inflammatory diseases to cancer. An agent is any person that's most talked about HPV - the virus that causes cervical cancer in women. According to the doctors next to the road directly sex then this virus can be transmitted from person to person through kissing.
In challenging the audience Kiss Cam young mostly strangers and they can not be certain that its partners are bringing healthy or deadly pathogens.
Through M's case doctors also recommend other young people should be careful with this challenge.
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