Successfully applied new techniques for esophageal cancer treatment

With the development of modern medicine, cancer patients do not mean that getting the death penalty. Recently scientists have researched and successfully applied its photodynamic therapy in the treatment of esophageal cancer.
According to the doctors said esophageal cancer is a common disease, disease evolution silently, patients often hard to detect, many people are diagnosed when the disease has moved into late stage making it difficult to treat Tri. To enhance the therapeutic effect and minimize symptoms doctors recommend detect cancers at an early stage has a very important meaning. Some signs warning people to keep in mind such as:
- Difficulty swallowing.
- Painful swallowing problems.
- Increased salivation.
- Nausea and vomiting.
- Pertussis can not help, productive cough, bloody.
- Hoarseness in 3 weeks.
- Shortness of breath.
- Loss of appetite, fatigue.
When there are signs on people to seek medical advice as soon as this can be a sign of esophageal cancer early stage.
The success of cancer treatment in general and in particular esophageal cancer depends very much on the stage of disease detection. The disease is detected and treated at an early stage treatment effect greatly raised and minimize encroachment, spread to other organs and vice versa. In addition to the treatment containing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, the dynamics photodynamic therapy is considered effective treatment is very high.
What are the dynamics photodynamic therapy?
According to experts, this is a new step in the treatment of esophageal cancer are not surgical. To destroy, remove cancer cells doctors will proceed using the laser, photosensitive substance exogenous and endogenous. Usually the cancer cells absorb the level better photosensitive other healthy cells. When projected into the body the cancer cells will absorb more light-sensitive substances will then be controlled and then necrosis.
We can understand an overview of the process that tumors will absorb substances quickly photosensitive hematoporphyria - this is a substance with a structure quite peculiar institution tumor. Once malignant cells have absorbed hematoporphyria infrared transmitters and will be shown live on the tumor produces strong chemical reactions to kill the cancer cells.
Photodynamic therapy dynamics can be used as a single method of treatment in the early stages, or used in conjunction with traditional methods to give better treatment results.
Currently the scientists are working to apply this therapy to treat prostate cancer and a number of other dangerous disease of the body.
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