Stop smoking esophageal cancer

Stop smoking esophageal cancer
Cigarette smoking is known to cause disease the leading cause of esophageal cancer, so in the national health program organizers are urging people to stop using drugs to protect the health and minimizing risk.
Being recognized as a serious disease, but symptoms quietly and extremely complicated movements should detect cancers at an early stage rather difficult. According to experts, the most typical symptoms of the disease warned that swallowing difficulty, choking, pain. About the causes of the disease are the subject to learn. But scientists believe that healthy lifestyles, particularly smoking and alcohol are the main factors causing the disease.
Although known as a disease can occur in people of all ages and different but according to statistics, men, the elderly were assessed higher risk than young men as well as women. To explain the reasons for this difference is that the habit of smoking, drinking, chewing betel nut, poor oral cavity hygiene ...
Cures for diseases such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. After the diagnosis of esophageal cancer based on the location, stage, nature and health of patients the doctors will make treatment options to suit most. For the treatment of this disease with surgical procedures doctors have conducted remove part of the esophagus and then connecting the esophagus with the stomach in order to continue on the GI tract. However this approach would face many difficulties if the tumor is detected in oropharyngeal or in the middle part of the throat. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be used complementary in esophageal cancer treatment to destroy the tumor was left or shrinking tumors before surgery. For patients with end-stage 2 this method can be indicated to prolong independent living, as well as control the level of tumor invasion into surrounding tissues as well as to other parts of may.
There are habits that need to change
Before the incalculable harm caused by the disease doctors recommended people to change habits which have existed for quite some time in order to protect public health and the body. One of the habits need to change it "to stop using tobacco." Discontinuation of tobacco use not only makes sense to prevent the risk of esophageal cancer, but also help prevent cardiovascular diseases, respiratory, especially those related to liver disease, lung ...
For patients with esophageal cancer signs, compliance instructions on increasingly more important. Besides, people should be aware of the habit health checks periodically to monitor your own health as well as early detection and treatment at an early stage.
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