Prevent thyroid cancer from radiation

Prevent thyroid cancer from radiation
Before the huge benefits brought from radiation, they are increasingly widely used in life, especially in health. However there is a problem that is posed frequent exposure to radiation is the cause of cancer, including thyroid cancer. So how to prevent the risk from radiation?
According to doctors said the radiation exposure is the cause of the disease related to thyroid nodule as, hypothyroidism or dangerous than it was thyroid cancer. Especially for children a higher risk adults. For each disease, the thyroid different affected levels of radiation is different.
Specifically it is:
- Goitre human form. When the thyroid cells grow faster will appear lumpy nodule. Normally goiter patients were discovered only after about 8-12 years treated with radiation therapy. In the course of conducting ultrasound examination or neck area doctors can detect the disease.
- Thyroid Cancer. According to doctors, said tumors can arise at any location within the thyroid gland. The disease if not diagnosed and treated early will greatly affect the health and lives of patients.
Children are the objects of the highest risk from radiation.
According to the scientists, said all people are at risk of diseases such as throat cancer, leukemia, thyroid cancer and a number of other dangerous disease if exposed to the long-lived radioactive material in a long time but the children have a higher risk of disease.
To prevent the risk of infection doctors say people should:
- Use of Potassium iodine. The use of potassium iodine has a positive effect against radiation exposure from the environment. A concrete evidence for this claim is that after the nuclear disaster in 1985 Chernobyl many children in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Also during that time the Polish government has for people in this country use Potassium iodine (abbreviated as KI) showed no increased risk.
- Move away from areas with high radiation levels. The living near these areas, chemical manufacturing plant, the production of electronic components have a higher risk of infection. To limit risk and protect the health of the patient and family that people should avoid living in highly contaminated areas. The use of radioactive water is a major cause of disease. Besides breathing or skin contact also increases the risk.
- Avoid working in contaminated environments. For those who have to work in an environment with high levels of radioactive material should be equipped with protective clothing labor standards in order to avoid the risk of exposure.
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