Incense cause throat cancer look like?

Incense cause throat cancer look like?
In the twelfth anniversary, the New Year holidays the people of Vietnam have the custom to burn incense in memory of the departed souls. But few know is that the inhaled too much smoke flavor is the cause of serious disease including nasopharyngeal cancer. So incense smoke have caused the disease in the context of how we will look at.
Recently, the consumer association of Taiwan made a thorough study on 13 different flavors are commonly used local people. The results of the study that startled many people, that's 12/13 specifically studied fragrances contain chemicals capable of causing cancer. Accordingly, if the average burn incense in closed rooms for 2 minutes will be about about 2.3 to 7.84 million molecules benzene and butadiene molecule is released into the outside air. According to analysis of butadiene is extremely toxic substance capable of causing diseases such as leukemia, while benzene is known as the cause of the damage in the eyes, skin, throat, central nervous system or the respiratory problems ...
Explaining this expert said in incense conventional structure to create a distinct aroma thanks benzene mixture. When incense is burned benzene were released into the outside air and clinging to the surface layer of skin, oral mucosa, the lining of the throat and prolonged accumulation capable of destroying organized body, causing structural changes transformed cells, as well as the genetic structure (the cause development of cancer cells).
In some villages the traditional flavor production for bold flavor with scent artists often choose the type of wood flavor, cinnamon and some other flavoring should basically not toxic to the user. However today to accelerate the manufacturing process as well as big profits are many establishments have used toxic chemicals to create flavor. These products are used when new people are the cause of dangerous diseases listed above.
Especially psychology Vietnam want to choose the flavors after burning incense can wreak long-lasting and artistic bent. According to experts, these types of toxic levels of this flavor is very large people should be restricted from use. To get the sticks so the manufacturers have to add chemicals phosphoric acid impregnated H3PO4 - an extremely hazardous substance for human health.
Like other diseases treatment symptoms of throat cancer have achieved positive success. However, to limit the risk of disease as well as health protection for themselves and society people should limit direct inhalation of incense, the incense should choose open space, avoid burn incense near room sleep, where young children.
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