How to detect thyroid cancer early?

How to detect thyroid cancer early?
Thyroid cancer is a disease that account for 1% of all cancers. The proportion of patients surviving longer depending on the development stage of the disease stage, level of metastases of cancer cells and including the age of the cancer patients.
In recent years with the development of ultrasound diagnostic techniques, detection of thyroid cancer at an early stage is no longer difficult. Thyroid cancer if detected at an early stage, it is capable of very high cure. So that the detection of early diagnosis is extremely important in the treatment of disease.

Another question posed is how to detect thyroid cancer at an early stage?
The way to detect thyroid cancer at an early stage
- Do not ignore the signs of abnormalities in my body, if detect abnormalities such as tumors in the neck, neck lymph nodes, feeling of choking in the neck. . . patients requiring immediate care at the health facility, hospital oncology.
- Upon detection of goiter incidentally during ultrasound of the periodic health examination phase, the patient should see a specialist doctor or endocrinologist to be determined if this is not thyroid cancer?
Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
"County borders" is a thyroid tumor was palpable or only be detected through ultrasound to image the thyroid different from his thyroid tissue usually around. To detect these particles doctors will conduct physical examination and evaluation of the particle properties of this armor, specifically cervical lymphadenopathy survey comes or not, mining history and progression of the disease.
Then, the patient is assigned color ultrasound to assess thyroid nature and number of bordering county "and detect abnormal neck nodes. ultrasound if detected one or more "county borders" is likely to have thyroid cancer at a rate 4 to 6.5% collectively.
Next the doctor shall classify the cause of the disease group, the patients were giving blood samples taken to measure levels of TSH. Finally, the patient should be tested "by needle aspirate small cells" (FNA) to confirm the diagnosis of thyroid cancer.
How to perform FNA
Under the guidance of ultrasound, a doctor uses a long metal cylinder fitted with tiny suction from tumor cells and they should undergo a glass to observe under the microscope. The ability of the FNA diagnosis can precisely 95% if taken enough samples and medical surgeons with experience.
FNA is indicated for all cases "county borders" is palpable through the examination. However not only nails FNA in case blood TSH levels and thyroid reduction and hot particles
Subjects with "county borders" with the incidence of thyroid cancer is less than 30 years of age who are 60, with head and neck radiation earlier and people with a family history of thyroid cancer.
Thyroid Cancer Treatment
When the results concluded that FNA thyroid cancer or suspected cancer, the patient will be on a treatment plan, including surgical removal of the thyroid gland.
Treatment of thyroid cancer treatment is multi-paradigm, need to coordinate multiple treatments together to have a good result given
- Surgical removal of the thyroid gland
- Radiation therapy with radioactive iodine.
- Hormonal Therapy
Depending on the size of the tumor, histological type, neck lymph node metastasis status. . . but the way surgery, hormonal therapy after surgery for each cancer patient is different.
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