Heartburn causes esophageal cancer?

Heartburn causes esophageal cancer?
In recent years the number of cases and deaths from esophageal cancer is increasing. Finding the cause helps us be more proactive in preventive. However until now medicine has yet to determine the exact cause of the disease caused. According to doctors, the phenomenon of heartburn is one of the causes of disease.
So why re-rated heartburn causes esophageal cancer?
According to the statistics show that over 60% of people with frequent heartburn phenomenon and adults at risk of the disease compared with children. The disease not only affects daily activities, causing discomfort to the patient, but also causes the lining of the throat injury, more serious can cause cancer if not treated promptly.
The patient will feel the flow of food from the stomach reflux that leads to neck and gastric acid. Gastric acid layer and this will impact directly on the lining of the throat which is not protected. If this situation occurred during a long period will cause the lining of the throat hurt, and aggravated inflammation can cause throat cancer, esophageal cancer ...
There are 2 types of esophageal cancer is quite common that is squamous-cell carcinoma and glandular tissue cancer thubieu.
- Squamous-cell carcinoma usually caused by drinking alcohol or smoking. The disease causes lesions in the upper 2/3 part esophagus.
- Cell carcinoma line. The cause of the disease is often caused by heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease usually detected lesion is in the lower third of the esophagus tube.
If heartburn is not no early improvement will lead to the phenomenon of acid acts on the lining of the throat on a lot is an increased risk of cancer lesions and more. Some methods to reduce the state heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux may be mentioned are:
- Do not overfeed.
- Do not exercise after eating.
- Limit the use of beer, wine and soft drinks.
- Limit your intake of fried foods, fried.
- Limit your intake of foods that increase gastric secretion, such as pepper, garlic, onion, procession ...
- Some drugs can also cause side effects are bloating bloating evidence, heartburn so when using these drugs you should consult carefully the opinions of the doctors as well as consideration of the effects
side may encounter.
Besides heartburn, the smoking, drinking, infection, mode lacks scientific activities, family history ... also known as the factors that increase risk. An understanding of the causes of the disease helps people be more proactive in the prevention as well as treatment. You can refer to the opinion of the doctors to learn more about this dangerous disease.
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