Girls Oral sex throat cancer

Girls Oral sex throat cancer
Just want to keep the "virginity" for the wedding night, but also wants to prove his love for her boyfriend chose M. schemes that oral relations to express feelings. Secret story of the young couple will not be discovered if people like M. no sore throat, coughing up blood and doctors diagnosed with throat cancer early stage.
M and T are students of a college. Because life away from the family's psychological plus great new ones, only after a few encounters chat M and T have developed feelings. Love story of two people to continue until the end of first year college. With reason of living is expensive 2 users to decide which is moved to live in order to save costs and can "cultivate love". And then "fire near straw" stories of men and women sharing the room difficult to avoid the weak at heart. Though he loved the T but M has bluntly refused the time T required. Many T express doubts, anger and said that M did not love him wholeheartedly. Actually M loves T but she was afraid if off limits and not to be together will suffer a lifetime. To prove his affection for M T also agreed to form relations but by Orak sex - oral sex. According to the interpretation of the relationship young couples still gives you the pleasure and not worry about losing virginity girlfriend.
After a period of M appeared among abnormalities in the oral cavity, such as pimples, sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing ... Up brings search, she was startled to see his expressions very similar to cancer symptoms a palate. To get accurate results than she went to the hospital for tests. Tests on Hand picked M. as dumbfounded when the doctor diagnosed throat cancer early stage. Shortly after the test results the doctor has appointed M hospitalized for treatment. Thanks to early diagnosis of M treatment should be pretty good and only after a period of symptoms has been pushed back.
Answers about risk doctors said many young people often think that oral intercourse will help prevent the risk of infectious diseases is incorrect. If unsafe relationship, a relationship with too many partners, relationships with people at risk of infection, then you are completely capable of dangerous diseases, including nasopharyngeal cancer. These signs of throat cancer is quite similar to the normal throat diseases, many people often confuse or ignore. Doctors recommend that when signs such as cough, fever, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, people need to go check immediately.
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