Esophageal cancer should eat?

Esophageal cancer should eat?
For patients after the esophagus triung a resting beside problem then diet is also a problem how many people are interested. In this context we will look at this issue.
According to doctors, said for patients after treatment would swallow food much more difficult by the throat will hurt and more sensitive after suffering the effects of chemicals, radiation or surgery Art. A question for those with sick relatives that is how to maintain a scientific diet, ensuring nutrients and support the process of rehabilitation?
Some Notes on the diet for patients were:
- Start with soft foods, easy to digest.
Some foods such as soups, yoghurt, porridge ... is the first choice for new patients recover. For these foods the patient can more easily swallow the food. In the process of care you can actively crushing some foods such as oats, meat, fish ... for processing into the soup, the soup that is easy to digest and provide additional nutrients. You can also supplement the type of fiber, whole grains and nuts, oatmeal to enhance the body of nutrients. Some vegetables, especially dark green vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, spinach ... or what kind of red fruits such as pumpkin, carrots ... are nutritious health effects. A recent study, published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, said US scientific association between fruits and vegetables are not only effective but also replenishes effective risk prevention diseases such as throat cancer, laryngeal cancer, blood cancer and some other diseases in a positive way.
Besides taking care of patients after treatment should eat what they should abstain from what is also an important issue. Some foods to avoid patients after treatment were:
- The types of barbecue.
- Foods high in fat.
- Sweet food.
- Dietary coarse.
- Carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages.
- Avoid the use of stimulants.
Explaining this to the experts said patients diagnosed esophageal cancer in general and cancer in particular more overeating bacon, eat more fat, alcoholic carbonated beverages will not be good for the digestive diseases as well as faster development.
For those patients in the recovery process should absolutely stay away from carbonated beverages, the products have high excitability.
In the process of setting up the menu for cancer patients that people can refer to the opinion of nutrition experts to get the best scientific menus.
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