Earache, mosaic accent - warning signs of thyroid cancer

Earache, mosaic accent - warning signs of thyroid cancer
Thyroid cancer is a serious disease, the cause of pathogenesis is not yet clearly defined.
There are several risk factors for the disease causing form was recorded as:
lack of iodine in the daily diet, exposure to radiation due to the illness being treated head and neck cancer earlier, or contact herbicides, radioactive substances, radioactive contamination caused by nuclear weapons, accidents nuclear plants, in addition ,, genetic family is also one of the factors. Some genetic defects family nature makes patients susceptible to thyroid cancer as well as some other cancers.
Thyroid cancer often has no symptoms in the early stages outstanding, they only discovered by chance through thyroid ultrasound of the periodic health examination phase of the disease. In late-stage disease, the patient may appear symptoms such as:
- Appeared tumor in the neck
- Difficulty swallowing while eating
- Pain in the front of the neck sometimes spread to the ears
- Hoarseness or loss of voice
- Cough with shortness of breath
These symptoms are typically very easy to be mistaken for other diseases: laryngitis, pneumonia,. . . so that as soon as these symptoms onset, the patient side to the right medical facility for examination and was diagnosed at an early stage if any.
In order to accurately diagnose the disease, doctors usually conduct thyroid ultrasound. If thyroid tumors seen, the patient will be biopsied tumor tissue to sample observations.
Treatment is primarily surgical removal method completely enclosed with thyroid radiation therapy attached by drinking iodine radioisotope unit. If the disease is detected at an early stage just cut a thyroid lobe without radiotherapy combined
For patients who have had their entire thyroid gland, they need to take thyroid hormone supplements for life. in the case of radioactive iodine to drink radiotherapy need to be quarantined for 10 days for each round of radiation therapy to avoid radiation exposure for the people around.
Thyroid cancer is a disease with a slow progression, so the patients treated at later stages can still prolong survival by 10 to 30 years.
Has yet to find out what measures to thoroughly phongg disease. However, based on the risk factors causing the disease, experts recommend that people should complement the full iodine in the daily diet. Avoid contact with the herbicide are radioactive, avoid living or to places far infected Accidental nuclear power ...
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