Diet for patients with thyroid cancer

Diet for patients with thyroid cancer
Diet of cancer patients than the normal special. After treatment of thyroid cancer should and should not eat. Here is the answer.

Some side effects after treatment of thyroid cancer.
Following thyroid cancer treatment with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy patients will experience some side effects following:
Problems in the digestive: diarrhea, constipation ..
Sore throat, difficulty in swallowing.
Therefore, the choice of how food, eat delicious, easy to swallow is an important principle to remember when caring for patients with thyroid cancer. Here are some notes and suggested menus for people with thyroid cancer.
Diet for thyroid cancer patients.
Should type of cooking soup, porridge or fruit smoothies supplement for patients. Foods to restrict oil, liquid processing, easy to swallow.
Should split the meal, every meal a little.
In case if you are experiencing symptoms of constipation need additional strengthening plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables. Fiber content is good for patients with head and neck cancer, thyroid.
Do not eat too hot, spicy ..
Limiting fat and enhance the protein content of animal origin.
Additional strengthening calcium-rich foods such as crab, shrimp, ca..Tu these foods should be processed into food, the patient's palate.
Absolutely not eat undercooked meat, raw.
Restrictions such as beer, wine, medicine la..Boi if continued use of these stimulants can cause thyroid cancer recurrence.
Family members of patients in addition to pay attention to nutrition issues to keep in mind to change the psychology of the patient. Because most cancer patients are frustrated, tired, so often do not want to eat. And if you do not help them overcome barriers factor to regain psychological strength to fight with the disease, it will directly affect the ability to recover. Regularly sharing, talking, is also close to their simple way of having fun, more comfortable.
After surgical treatment the patient may be forced to cut off all or part of that route giap.Vi thyroid function is affected, declining. So, the best you need to actively prevent the disease. Especially with older people at risk for thyroid cancer should maintain regular health exam regularly 6 months / 1 time to see any of the symptoms of thyroid cancer recurrence should immediately re-examination.
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