Diagnosis of esophageal cancer sponge

Diagnosis of esophageal cancer sponge
Test results of the doctors of the University of Cambridge, England said esophageal cancer can be diagnosed by sponge capsules.
Doctors have conducted a study on 1,000 patients, and the results showed Cytosponge capsule is made of sponge works correctly diagnose esophageal cancer and does not cause side effects to the patient.
In the traditional method of physician diagnosis of esophageal cancer by means of tumor biopsy - taking a small amount of cells in the throat area through endoscopic devices. However, along with the development of modern medicine scientists at the University of Cambridge, said early detection can risk thanks capsules made of sponge.
This capsule is essentially a special desiccant Brillo pads have one end attached to a dedicated wire. When put into our bodies will be dissolved over a period of 3-4 minutes, followed by the doctors would conduct reverse pull the rope through the esophagus.

Research shows that the capsule is capable of collecting half a million of esophageal cells over a period of 5 minutes. Based on the samples taken from the doctor capsule will be analyzed in order to give accurate results. Besides diagnosing esophageal UT scientists said this method potentially diagnose throat cancer and some other cancers.
Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald - research chief and his colleagues said that capsule endoscopy has its advantages than conventional colonoscopy. When using these capsules patients will not experience any pain, ie, discomfort compared to the method used endoscopes. Besides the conventional colonoscopy to direct patients to medical facilities for testing procedures while this method the patient can do at home with the assistance of a doctor specialist.
The analytical results from samples obtained showed foam can detect cancer cells at an early stage or also known as Barrett's esophagus. With the detection of esophageal cancer at an early stage doctors can provide appropriate treatment regimen and treatment effects are more advanced.
Currently the scientists are more specific studies on the mechanism of operation and diagnosis efficiency of this capsule. In the future the application capsule will be wider width at the medical facilities to diagnose disease at an early stage.
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