"Dysphagia" Beware of esophageal cancer

"Dysphagia" Beware of esophageal cancer
Esophageal cancer is the fourth largest disease of the gastrointestinal tract cancers in popularity in Vietnam. This is a malignant disease with poor prognosis, if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage and treated by methods such as surgery, treatment of multi-paradigm ... the 5-year survival rate is only 10-13% level.
According to the researchers said that the risk of disease can arise in relation to age and gender. In fact, the incidence of esophageal cancer increases with age, the disease is very rare in young people, 80% of people diagnosed with esophageal cancer between the ages of 55-85. According to health statistics in the United States, men's higher risk of 3-6 times higher than women.
Besides, there are also some other factors such as smoking, drinking. In particular, the habit of smoking is not only played a major role on the risk of causing lung cancer, it also increases the risk of esophageal cancer for longtime addicts.
In addition, eating and drinking very hot foods containing high levels of nitrosamines such as sauce, pickles ... or people with HPV infections can or suffers some other cancers of the head and neck will increase the risk esophageal cancer.

 There are many warning signs of esophageal cancer such as unexplained weight loss, sore throat, dry warehouses stretching, tired ... The difficulty swallowing while eating is a typical symptoms common nay.Luc top most diseases patients often have difficulty swallowing sensation behind the breastbone, swallowing and choking vaguely discernible so when eating solid foods. Towards the latter stages of swallowing difficult to work with both liquid dish even just swallowed hard and also feeling the pain.
Choking swallow often present late in the development of the disease, because the esophagus is the agency should not have serous layer of smooth muscle capable of easily stretched. Therefore, as a result, it leads to as many as 60% of patients show signs of the disease swallow choking visit was in late-stage development.
However, in some cases, the patients suffering from esophageal cancer have no symptoms swallow choking because the primary tumors in the esophagus invade adjacent structures without encroaching on the esophagus so that it does not difficulty swallowing causing symptoms for patients.
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