6 habits increase the risk of laryngeal cancer

6 habits increase the risk of laryngeal cancer
Statistics show that the number of patients diagnosed laryngeal cancer in our country accounts for only about 2% of common cancers. However there is a problem that raises the number of people suffering and dying from this disease tends growing. One of the reasons why the incidence of the disease on the increase it is derived from the daily habits. 6 following routines known as major reasons for increased disease risk much.
Discusses the harmful effects of tobacco on the body must all be aware of them fairly obvious. Not only related to cardiovascular diseases which smoking is also a direct impact on the throat and larynx that this department become more sensitive, vulnerable and prone to infections and develop into cancer letter.
Drinking water shortage.
Usually experts recommend that everyone should drink 1.5-2 liters paragraphs / 1 day. For hot days, people have been working hard, incapacitation, outdoor workers, the amount of water will be included in higher than normal levels. Who by the nature of work often have to say much, and add more water than normal. Explaining this the doctors said the water supply will help larynx lubricated and reduces friction to minimize the damage. For those who are less prone to drink laryngeal dryness and inflammation or risk of laryngeal cancer will increase more.
Screaming too much.
The screaming too much, said frequent loud sound intensity can also be a cause of larynx must operate more and make them vulnerable. Expert advice that is not to say too much, tell moderate, sufficient magnitude to hear.
Hygiene throat too much during the day.
Listen to this habit is certainly more people were quite surprised the toilet too many relationships with the stars for risk? Explaining this medical experts said during hygiene habits many people have supported the use of tools for scraping clean the secretions deep within the throat. The process of scraping the larynx can cause hurt and increase the risk of disease.
Drinking too much alcohol.
Alcohol will only really good when we learn to control at a certain level. Drinking beer with regular levels, bulk is the cause of the pathology related to the stomach, liver and larynx. Signs first laryngeal cancer people can feel that persistent cough, difficulty swallowing, pain when swallowing problems, swollen lymph glands in the neck ... when there are symptoms in people needed immediate medical facility to explore and specific advice.
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