5 major cause of thyroid cancer

5 major cause of thyroid cancer
Understanding the causes of thyroid cancer to help people understand more about the causes which make the most effective treatments.
Currently cause thyroid cancer has not been pinpointed. Experts say several factors are known to increase the risk may be mentioned are:
- Immune system disorders.
Immune system disorders are considered the first cause cause this serious disease. For healthy people the immune system works to produce antibodies to help the body against the penetration of bacteria, virus damage from habitat. When the immune system dysfunction is impaired create favorable conditions for harmful bacteria attack the body, including the thyroid. The decline in the immune system not only causes thyroid cancer, but also cause other dangerous diseases.
- Lack of iodine.

A lack of iodine diet also causes increased risk of infection. To clarify the relationship between the presence of iodine with the risk of researchers conducted a survey of people living in the mountains and the sea. The study results showed that people who live in the mountains have higher risk than those who live in the sea.
- Exposure to radiation.
The radiation exposure is not only the cause of the thyroid disease, but also cause diseases such as throat cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, birth defects and ... patients often will not notice the effects of radiation during the first few years that would a few years later. The x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound can often cause disease. Children are very sensitive subject with radiation so parents should limit infant exposure to radioactive sources in order to ensure the health and avoid risk.
- Side effects of some medications.
For patients with thyroid diseases will be appointed doctors radioactive iodine drinking also increases the risk. Explaining this claim doctors said the use of drugs in a long time the body will stop making synthetic T4 hormone impaired thyroid function. For patients assigned to use conventional methods to use until the end of life.
- People with a history of thyroid disease.
Statistics show that those who suffer certain diseases such as thyroid goiter, baazado at risk of thyroid disease is higher than healthy people, although they have been treated stopped.
Based on finding the cause of doctors will make treatment plans diagnose thyroid cancer most effectively.
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