4 makes your daily routine throat cancer

4 makes your daily routine throat cancer
You probably know that your body is fighting the risk of disease from infection to cancer from the daily routine. One of the diseases most people usually suffer from diseases such as throat cancer.
So that's how our habits, let's find out.
Salt eating habits.
Long in the American diet staples like salt tomato, pickled or salted fish ... has become quite familiar dishes. Especially during the holidays, the New Year, the demand for food increasing this. With usability, capabilities preserved and can process many different food dishes salt used increasingly popular. However many people do not know that taste, food habits of this potential risk of disease, especially diseases of the stomach and the throat. Experts recommend that people should not use food to ferment, salt too sour map or maps salt fermented floating scum ... because we have the ability to accumulate a lot of toxic bacteria cause cancer nasopharynx.

 Habit of eating too much meat.
In the daily diet we indispensable meats. But nutrition experts say the addition of too much meat in the body that we can not absorb waste and hazardous than they could be the cause of diseases such as Gut, dyslipidemia ... the meats such as pork chops, fried, smoked, salted meats ... also the cause of the pathology of throat and stomach. To provide adequate nutrients as well as avoid the risk that people should pay attention to balance the amount of meat is put into the body / 1 day, should limit the barbecue, fried ... instead housewives can be processed into dishes such as steamed, boiled ...

Oral sex.
The oral sex gives couples the new feel but very few people may be aware that this practice is extremely dangerous and potential disease risk. The documents reportedly suggest that after analyzing fluids of patients with throat cancer have the appearance of HPV virus known to cause cervical cancer in women.
Excessive consumption of beverages with high alcohol content.
Beer, wine, too much is the cause of these lesions in the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines and throat. Especially for those who smoke and have a history of alcohol research, the risk is much higher.
Based on the understanding of the potential daily habits such risk experts recommended people should actively change those habits to avoid risk and protect health.
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