Young girls dying because of cervical cancer

Young girls dying because of cervical cancer
According to the report shows that cancer of the cervix are increasingly tend to rejuvenate. Given that the youth of damage done extensive examination is extremely important. But in fact people still underestimate the cancer screening in young men making their disease exacerbated even a direct threat to the life of the patient. Emma Fisk's case is a typical example.
According to records showed Emma Fisk turned to the doctor more than 10 times but was refused because she said that was too young to do the test, the cancer diagnosis. Her first visit was around 2013 when it detects signs of bleeding and abdominal pain of unknown origin. 12/2013 month after tests confirmed she intestinal mucositis caused by ulcerative colitis causes. To confirm his illness she returned to the hospital to check his ability stomach cancer or diseases of the cervix or ovaries. But her intention was not made by doctors that she was too young to do the test. She had to find more than 10 times their doctor because I wanted to do the test. 4/2014 to May after a while to convince her tests were conducted. The sad thing is that test cases can not be completed because of her cervix started bleeding. After more than 2 months she was really shocked to learn that he had been suffering from cervical cancer.
After 3 cycles of chemotherapy the tumor has not disappeared. Things get worse when the malignant cells start to spread oil to the stomach and liver. Some time later she was gone when just married for 5 months.
Before the death of her family representative Emma stood up to mobilize people to participate in a campaign with the goal of requiring health centers to lower ages can test different cervical cancer. In fact there are many signs of cervical cancer, but were denied on the grounds that the tests were too young. Adele's mother Emma Willis said she expressed the opinion that if her daughter was doing the tests earlier diagnosis of cancer at the age of 18, perhaps she was not so fatal.
Death of young girl Emma many have expressed opinions indicated that should pay more attention to health care for adolescents, especially the care packages cervical cancer, ovarian cancer ...
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