Why are more and more women for cervical cancer?

Why are more and more women for cervical cancer?
All of them are aware that cancer of the cervix is ​​extremely dangerous. But the world in general and Vietnam in particular in the number of patients being diagnosed with the disease and dying from cervical UT on a high. So reasons leading to this situation?
According to the Department of Health said the United States has approximately every 1 hour and 9 deaths from cancer. Also discussed this issue a Doctor - Director of Professional Diseases, said the United States in Vietnam is estimated that every year about 150,000 diagnosed with cancer while over 70% are diagnosed when the disease moves to late passage. The detection of the disease at a later stage makes the treatment becomes more difficult as well as very low chance of survival.
Currently in our country besides cervical cancer is a common disease that is the number of liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer ...
So what caused the thuco uterine cancer?
According to the doctor, said more than 80% the cause is found to be due to the pollution of the environment as well as from the living habits and diet.
Some causes of cervical cancer are:
- Infection with HPV. For those infected with HPV are not only at increased risk of diseases such as cervical cancer but also causes ovarian cancer or certain diseases related to other reproductive system.
- Family history. According to doctors the genes inherited from infected ones cause a higher incidence.
- Infection reproductive system.
- Pregnancy and birth too early.
- Abuse of the birth control pill, the hormonal hormone.
Besides poor diet, habits stay up late, not clean, smoke, drink alcohol regularly, excessive stress in a long time ... also known as the effects causative noteworthy.

However, senior doctors in the United States the main reason that the rate of patient morbidity and mortality from the disease on the increase it is because the disease is detected at a later stage and treatments are not accurate. According to many doctors still think that "cancer is dead" but the fact the disease can be cured to over 80% if detected and treated at an early stage.
Solution helps prevent disease risk?
Although it is a pathological danger but the doctors said it could be prevented through a number of tasks such as:
- Establish a scientific diet rich in nutrients.
- No smoking, alcohol and stimulant products.
- Do not have sex too soon, relations with multiple partners.
- Not pregnant before age 18.
- Periodic health examination for early detection of risk and timely treatment.
- Immediately notify the physician if there are any unusual symptoms such as abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, vaginal bleeding, tumor appearance, body fatigue, anemia ... because that is the sign of Cancer cervix can not be ignored.
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