Warns of liver cancer when eating peanuts germination

Warns of liver cancer when eating peanuts germination
With its low price, contains many nutrients, long benign peanuts became familiar dishes of American meals. But scientists warned people need to be very careful with sprouting peanuts because they could be the cause of liver cancer is extremely dangerous.
Experts do not recommend damp with mold growing groundnut seeds or germinated by then on peanuts have a lot of harmful bacteria. According to the study said that as of the present time scientists have found a lot of toxins derived from peanuts sprouted in most including the song that is superb - this is the product of a kind mold. The fungus generally favorable development in humid conditions (85%) and maintained at a temperature of between 30-38 degrees C. If animals or humans ingesting these particles will impact significantly on health, digestive system or can be more dangerous threat to the lives of patients. One statistic in Britain said in 1960 in the east of the country has about 10 thousand chickens died fed peanuts to the germination and mold. After some time scientists have conducted experiments on monkeys and concluded that many monkeys have been diagnosed with liver cancer.
Scientists recommend eating peanuts or mold grows mần nutrient levels greatly reduced and replaced by higher levels of toxins. Therefore to ensure health for themselves, their families and avoid the risk that people should choose what kind of fresh peanuts, nuts slightest, avoid eating peanuts nestled, moldy peanuts, peanut sprouted .
Besides eating the peanut sprout some tubers - the other sprout if we eat must also increase the risk of cancer or poisoning as:
- Potatoes grow sprouts. For those already sprouting potatoes contain glycoalkaloids huge. If we eat potatoes to sprout nervous system will be affected by these toxic substances in potatoes will sprout attacked by nervous system involvement in regulating acetylcholine - a chemical that has the ability control nerve impulses. Doctors advised not to eat the potato sprout or potatoes with dark blue to ensure health.
- Sweet potatoes sprout. Similarly the potato, the scientists also recommended to ensure the safety of all people should not eat sweet potatoes grow sprouts by the risk of diseases such as cancer or liver cancer stomach when eating tubers grow this germ is huge.
- Onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric ... grow sprouts. This is the indispensable condiment in our kitchens. The dietitian said absolutely not eat the spices as they grow sprouts or signs of wilting or damaged.
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