Warning easy to confuse the liver fluke and liver cancer

Warning easy to confuse the liver fluke and liver cancer
"The disease is easy to confuse the symptoms of liver fluke disease with liver cancer" said recommendations of the doctors of the hospital cancer.
The road to the development of liver flukes like?
The analysis showed that the parasite often detect many kinds of herbivores such as cows, sheep, dogs, cats, cattle, and particularly to detect multiple types of fluke in the snail. Of fluke eggs usually take the road of the patients assigned to the outside environment then meet favorable conditions, such as water, moist environment will develop into larvae. When living in the natural environment of the larvae found in the snail's more then develop into larvae tails. As the larvae grow up with the trend away from the snail and then clinging to the vegetables to grow into cysts. When we eat these follicles will develop cysticercosis.
When this type of worm moving inside the human body capsule shell will be destroyed. After the capsule shell destroyed the larvae are released later attacks on parts such as the liver, stomach, bile. Parts most prone to parasites that attack the liver leading to liver abscess.
When residing in liver fluke about 2-3 months will grow faster then continued to attack into other areas such as bile, pancreatic. If early detection can not fluke residence location after a long time they will cause ulcers and risk of pancreatic cancer, gallbladder ... is huge.
The warning signs
Some patients may signal early detection are:
- The body often fall prey to fatigue.
- Mild temperature (approximately 70% of patients suffering from worms will encounter a slight fever phenomenon).
- Oil. Where areas are identified in the area that is right flank (about 70-80% of patients have signs).
- Digestive disorders.
Many patients when helminths will have symptoms such as digestive disorders, disorders of bowel habits.
In fact the symptoms of liver fluke disease is very similar to the signs of liver cancer. Doctors recommend these symptoms when people need immediate medical facility for examination. The diagnosis of liver cancer early will help minimize the risk of the disease can cause as well as the maximum cost savings for patients.
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