Uses excellent lung cancer from parsley

Uses excellent lung cancer from parsley
Not only known for use as a kind of vegetable in the meal, parsley people also used as a vegetable will be used to treat lung cancer, effective and beneficial to human health .
Lung cancer has long been known as a dangerous disease, high morbidity rates and mortality rates high. One of the reasons that the number of patients who died from the disease on a lot that is due in early stage disease is difficult to detect because the symptoms are not clear. On the other hand the characteristics of the people of Vietnam that is not interested in periodic health examination. The periodic health examination not only help monitor the health of your body regularly, but also helps early detection screening and risk diseases such as lung cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer, renal cancer.
According to doctors, said the use of some vegetables have often been shown to enhance the body's resistance, vitamin supplements, as well as preventing the development of cancer cells effectively. One of the uses vegetables that need to mention it's made celery.
Through analysis the scientists said in celery contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C, beta-carotene compounds, quercetin. Especially in celery contains flavonoids - a powerful antioxidant capable of destroying the cancer stem cells in the body.
To demonstrate the utility of treating more of this vegetable in treating lung cancer, US researchers have conducted a study on a large scale in 2013. The findings have been published widely in PubMed - the website of the Institute for America's Health, said there apigenin substances in these vegetables is capable of destroying cancer cells up to 86%. A lot of patients with symptoms of lung cancer using parsley for a long time there have been positive changes.
The scientists said that only in the absence of compound apigenin parsley are also many in the 'shine orange fruits, onion, lemon, red grapes, artichokes ... But according to scientists, the focus compound most were in parsley (they accounted for about 4.5% by weight of dry coriander).

The remarkable thing is that not only the American scientists, by 2005 scientists from China has also conducted many experiments and showed that apigenin compound in cilantro capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells Nrf2-aRE named.
But the doctors recommended treatment efficiency of this vegetable has proved effective only for those cases of lung cancer diagnosed early stage, in order to be diagnosed and treated early, most people should go to the medical facilities to test and treat.
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