To overcome breast cancer shock

breast cancer
When the news suffering from breast cancer general feeling of everyone there is extremely scared and nervous breakdown or some people even think of death. Facing the same role of relatives, the encouragement and the energy of the people's living patients are factors crucial to help patients overcome difficulties to cope with the illness.
The advice of a psychologist from the Oncology Hospital Hung Vietnam below will help people be more motivated to overcome this difficult challenge.
- Must really calm.
It sounds difficult, because not a single patient when holding test results or have been diagnosed with breast cancer can remain calm. However, the disorder during this period can not solve the problem but instead is making things become worse. To be able to keep calm, reassure the spirit of cooperation, assistance and support, help from relatives, doctors are sorely needed. These questions, timely words of encouragement during this period will help the patient to be reinvigorating, driving less and lost the sympathy.

- Trust in the advancement of medicine.
In the process of treating the disease building confidence, trust in doctors and nurses group, believes in the achievements of modern science will help to cure more effectively. Learning about healing techniques, scientific achievements will help people learn more about their course of treatment and never be lost when entering the treatment schedule.
- Find a solid fulcrum.
Most of the sick sisters are formed that psychological inferiority, low self-esteem, thinking that they are a burden of society, the family. Also fear when to start treatment and to remove part of the body - breasts that are the pride of women - makes you extremely confused. To overcome this difficulty you should dismiss this thought and looking for a solid fulcrum. Often family and friends will stand to you with added incentive to overcome this difficult phase. The initiative to talk, to share the patient's own frank will help build confidence as well as the sharing, empathy from the people. In the process of mobilization, sharing people also need to note the patient avoid falling into feelings of pity or become a burden to the family. Intimate conversations, sharing about life, about the daily activities of the families will be encouraged than interested to ask about medical conditions and treatment process.
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