The Symptoms And Signs Of Cancer

The Symptoms And Signs Of Cancer
Initially, most cancer patients have no obvious clinical symptoms. When obvious symptoms appear when the disease has usually progressed serious. Typically, cancer incubation period (ie the time from when a mutated cells into cancer cells until the symptoms are revealed) long, about 10 years or more depending able cancers. Therefore a cancer prevention and treatment is most effective recommends periodic health examination every 6 months.
Because cancer is a collection of many different forms of cancer so cancer symptoms are diverse and can vary depending on the cancer.
In general, symptoms of cancer are classified into three main groups:- Symptoms in place: the tumor or abnormal swelling, bleeding (hemorrhage), pain and / or ulcer (ulcer). Put pressure on the surrounding tissues may cause symptoms such as jaundice.- Symptoms of metastasis (spreading): raised lymph nodes, cough, hemoptysis, hepatomegaly, bone pain, bone fractures in these vulnerable and nervous symptoms. Pain can occur in advanced stages of cancer, but usually that is not the first symptom.- Systemic symptoms: weight loss, anorexia and cachexia, more sweating (sweats), anemia and tumor-specific access syndrome, which is a special condition is caused by cancer are activities, such as thrombosis (thrombosis) or hormonal changes.
Each of the above problems can be caused by many different diseases (designated as the differential diagnosis). Cancer may be a common disease or a rare cause these symptoms.
The doctors at the hospital recommend to the medical facility medical specialist immediately check if one of the following symptoms, most likely you have made concerning diseases and cancer tumors letter:
- Ulcers long instant.- Hoarseness, persistent cough, chest pain treatment does not help.- Slow target persistent, hard to swallow.- Changing habits excreted feces, urine.- Appeared abnormal lumps in the breast or elsewhere on the body.- Lymphadenopathy up unusual.- Bleeding, unusual service.- Begin hearing loss (tinnitus), with constant noise in one ear, a side cross-eyed.- Slim Shot, unexplained anemia.
These signs do not always mean cancer but if they persist, please consult your doctor immediately.
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