The relationship between infertility and ovarian cancer

The relationship between infertility and ovarian cancer
Health experts recommend that even if you are single or married, then are at risk for ovarian cancer. What is worrying is that the disease leaves dangerous complications and some of the complications that are high risk for infertility.
Before the dangers of the disease, the equip yourself with knowledge about the disease is extremely necessary.
Ovarian cancer is the disease do?
According to doctors this is a disease arising in the ovary in which the malignant cells proliferate in this department an uncontrolled way. Some common types of tumors that are epithelial cell tumors, germ cell tumors, stromal tumors.
If the disease is not detected and treated early, the cancer cells will grow and offensive to other parts of the body such as the liver causing liver cancer, brain causing brain cancer, lung cancer lung .. .
Is this a disease is hereditary?
Discussing the causes of this dangerous disease there is no precise answer. But experts say those factors increase the likelihood of disease may be mentioned as:
- Family history. One discovered quite accidentally showed her family that the mother or sister of infection, others in the family capable disease is also higher. Factors habits, habitats or similar living habits can cause members likely infected. But assuming there is a genetic type of the same clan are at risk for the disease are not unfounded. Scientists are trying to figure out this particular relationship like?
- Childbirth less.  

Many will have children who are at risk for ovarian cancer, less than those who give birth at.
- Elder.

 More than 80% of patients are diagnosed when stepping through age 50. In addition, women in the reproductive age or mature girls are also high risk.
Why people with ovarian cancer have a high risk of infertility?
Many people are diagnosed with ovarian cancer are thought to the death penalty, for those cases likely cured the problems they worry about is the ability to infertility. So what causes led to the concept above?
In fact not only ovarian cancer but for those patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer, cervical cancer or some other cancers share such concerns. For patients with ovarian cancer, the treatments that are primarily surgical removal of the tumor in the ovaries. To proceed to remove the tumor is the maximum doctors may be forced to carry out removal of part, or the whole of one side ovary. For those just removed one section or one side of fertility and motherhood is still very large. However for those who are forced to completely remove the ovaries, they must face the fact that losing the ability to accept motherhood. On the other hand during treatment to completely destroy malignant cells, doctors may be forced to appoint the patient using the method of support that is radiotherapy or chemotherapy. These treatments can cause patients to unwanted side effects, affecting the health and physiological functions of the body.
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