The new findings on breast cancer

The new findings on breast cancer
Recently British scientists have published a study in the Journal of the Huffington Post about the detection more information about breast cancer.
These findings in particular that:
- According to the statistics show that there are currently four types of breast cancer.
This announcement was made based on the specific analysis of scientists from UT Siteman Research Center under the University of Washington Medical Center (USM) conducted. The head of the research doctors - Dr. Matthew Ellis said based on the discovery of the type of breast cancer treatment on helping serious disease based on genetic data more effectively.

- Men are less likely to get sick but defended extent exacerbated concerns.
People often think breast cancer disease only attacks women. But the scientists said men also are subject to disease attack. It is estimated that men have incidence lot less than women but men as disease severity level is often much higher. Explaining this claim scientists said men often ignore the signs of breast cancer and only discovered when the disease has moved to the next stage or through the general examination.
- The risk increases much more for those who are frequently exposed to cadmium.
Through research scientists have found that those exposed or tolerate excessive amounts of cadmium can increase the risk of UT. To clarify the relationship between the risk of disease cadmium scientists conducted experiments based on 56,000 women and found that those who consumed this substance, the risk more than 21% increase compared to the consumers with a moderate one.
- Lack of sleep - one of the causes of disease.

If you are a regular thing late, sleep less, you need to adjust these routines. According to doctors, said the risk of breast cancer or cervical cancer will be much higher.
- Use the variola virus - cancer treatments promising.
During the annual meeting to be held in the United States scientists have reported the use of smallpox virus will be new treatments for breast cancer patients. To clarify the role of this virus in the treatment of scientists thuocTrung Stanford University Medical Center conducted a study on a large scale and concluded 60% of patients to detect tumors tended to small back after using this treatment method.
- Women with diabetes have a higher risk of disease.
Many studies have shown that people who are overweight, obese, who have great physical fitness, sedentary people, who have a history of diabetes have a higher risk of those with normal stature and do not have diabetes.
These new findings about breast cancer disease will help scientists, doctors learn more about disease mechanisms from which the most appropriate treatment.
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