Tall woman with ovarian cancer susceptibility

Tall woman with ovarian cancer susceptibility
Recently the Swedish scientist gave information if you 10cm higher than normal levels mean that you are at risk for ovarian cancer, more than 18% and the risk of testicular cancer up to 11%.
Height had a relationship with the risk of cancer?
Although there have been no specific studies as well as a scientific document confirming the exact relationship between cancer risk to human height. But the scientists said they believe that the participation of the growth hormone in an unusual way in the main body is a cancer causing agent is formed. Explaining this claim scientists posed the hypothesis that tall people more hormone normally made of cell division rate becomes stronger. The cell division a disorderly way is the mechanism of cancer arise.
According to the statistics show that the risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer is about 20% higher for tall women. For men the development of excessive height will increase the risk of malignant tumors in the skin, penis, testicles than normal level of about 30%.
Professor - Dr. Mel Greaves at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said many previous reports have shown that people with little physical risk of cancer less than the tall ones. Several studies on silver mouse also shows that if given to the rats large amounts of growth hormone, the risk of cancer in them also increased with corresponding levels. Explaining this phenomenon explained Dr. stimulate growth hormone besides stimulating the growth of healthy cells in the body that hosts major development in terms of weight and height, it also stimulates the development of malignant cells. These hormones affect the risk of cancer in the form of which is to promote the increase of the number of cells in the body.
Before the above information many people were deeply concerned about his physique but also explained Professor tall people have characteristics that are very healthy so the risk of cardiovascular disease is little as well as mechanisms to fight infection very well. While we can not prevent risks from tall body characteristics, we can apply many methods to maintain a healthy body as exercise, have a plan of scientific work, checkups routine ... for those who doubt the disease should go to the health facility inspection by diagnosing early ovarian cancer early, hoping to cure are great.
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