Survival time for patients with breast cancer tend to rise

Survival time for patients with breast cancer tend to rise
"The survival time for patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer tend to increase" assertion that Australian doctors after analyzing data on patients with breast cancer in this country.
Recently the Health Australia has announced the statistics relating to the ratio of women dying from breast cancer at the same time declining survival time after detection of the disease is increasing. Medical experts said that in this country most people are aware of a fairly clear on the role of early cancer screening has important implications in the treatment but very few people are interested to testing for early cancer screening. A lot of health activities have been implemented in this country to create conditions for all women can detect, early cancer screening but according to statistics, only about 50% of women participate in the program present.
According to statistics from the Institute of Medicine and National Welfare shows the rate of deaths from breast cancer disease have markedly declined in recent years. Specifically it is for women in the 50-69 age group the incidence of 68 / 100,000 in 1991, then by 2012 this figure reduced to 42 / 100,000. Regarding the number of patients dying from the disease has a significant decline in more than 20 years.
According to the authorities, said at the Australians this is the most common disease and killing of millions of women each year. To demonstrate the dangers of the disease has led the authorities to specific numbers that in 2000 alone, the number of people dying from the disease has climbed to 2795 people. Besides breast cancer disease is cervical cancer, ovarian cancer is the disease that many women worry and claimed the lives of millions of people every year.
In order to raise awareness of the people and join hands to repel this dangerous disease Autralia authorities have implemented many programs mean to "protect the health of breasts" for the sisters. One of the programs that most resonated is BreastScreen, this program is done regularly for 2 years / 1 time content examination and advice free breast cancer. Besides the health organizations in this country are often called on people to care about the change of his chest, when signs of breast cancer should seek medical immediately. With such practical actions, along with the development of modern medicine, the survival time for patients diagnosed with the disease in this country increasingly tends to increase.
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