Surprise woman with ovarian cancer treated childbirth

Surprise woman with ovarian cancer treated childbirth
Recently Wyers Jodie - who has been diagnosed infertile after ovarian cancer treatment gave birth to her first child in May with ovarian tissue transplantation has led many people do not surprise.
Jodie and Aden to the couple is currently participating teachers teach in Victoria Australia. Share on pathology of Jodie said her and Aden have been married for four years but has yet to have children. Too worried about this situation she decided to a specialized medical facility for examination. After doing some tests she was diagnosed with malignant ovarian cancer. The doctor also said that her life may be threatened directly without conducting timely treatment.
The diagnosis is made both 2 sides family extremely worried and scared. But the desire to have children before treatment Joide Aden and asked to be in vitro fertilization, but the results are not as expected. After consultation of the doctor couple have decided to take away her eggs frozen. Explanation of this method, said doctors of ovarian tissue will be removed from the woman's ovaries to take away frozen.
Undergo a pregnancy in the past 5 months Joide has made history when she gave birth to a baby and become the 3rd woman in the world by giving birth success of ovarian tissue grafting and tissue in the pelvis abdomen. Specifically it is the doctors took tissue of her eggs and then conducting artificial insemination. After the egg cell has been fertilized doctors implanted cells carrying the lower abdomen and pelvis Joide. 2 couples had both done 5 times in vitro fertilization with a time of 10 months to be able to get the baby Evie.
In case of successful pregnancy Joide was announced at the annual convention of the Association of Reproductive place Canberra Australia.
Sharing about her case Evie Associate Professor Kate Stern - Dean Is currently working at the Melbourne Institute and fertilization Royal Women's Hospital said the technology was first applied in 2013. The woman this was named Melbourne ovaries removed to 7 years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She added Joide case also opens up a new opportunity for more women each cancer treatment and must complete removal of the ovaries. For patients with cervical cancer may also pregnant if applied this method.
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