Strangely detect cervical cancer using .... vinegar

Strangely detect cervical cancer using vinegar
A recent study carried out in slums in India has said that it is possible to detect early risk of cervical cancer by.... rice vinegar.
In a conference meeting on the cancer at Chicago Medical experts have said that the diagnosis of cervical disease UT from vinegar makes all of them gasped. According to the scientists, said that the early testing risk by vinegar has a very important role, we not only help early diagnosis, but also help save the maximum cost of testing, particularly in areas with underdeveloped economy.
Experts said for diagnosing cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, the Pap smear method is common. But the experts also said that the cost to perform these tests are extremely expensive and those with difficult situations can be difficult to gain access to this method.
Standing in front of this problem scientists have conducted an experiment to help early diagnosis and treatment with extremely simple method to help detect early disease in about 2 weeks time. It is worth mentioning here that people do not need to go to the laboratory and not in need of medical instruments or complicated techniques, people can do at home.
To implement this method doctors use to instruct people clean gauze soaked 1 vinegar and then wipe the cervix and then observe the change of the swab in a while.
This test was conducted over a period that is from 1998 with the participation of 75 360 women with signs of cervical cancer and the test was conducted 6 months / 1 time. To compare test results scientists have conducted using the Pap test method involving 76 178 women. Analysis results showed that the test results by vinegar precision comparable to laboratory testing.
In America the scientists from Johns Hopkins Medical School also conducted similar experiments to demonstrate the role of vinegar in the diagnosis of disease risk. To implement this method doctors have conducted dab small amounts of vinegar on cotton swabs and then wipe the cervix of the woman. After a period of observation of doctors found that those with risk gauze pad white spots appear. Next the doctor will disable this white spots with metal bars were frozen by CO2. Researchers say the results of this test gives results of up to 90% diagnosis.
The scientists are trying to prove the utility of diagnostic more in the early stages of vinegar.
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