Sex was vaccinated against cervical cancer is not?

Sex was vaccinated against cervical cancer is not?
According to the report, said there is currently no specific vaccine to treat cervical cancer but we can prevent HPV vaccination through. However there is a problem that arises is who ever had sex behavior can this vaccine or not?
a 19-year-old patient - the US has asked "I'm coming months intend to take preventive HPV vaccination vaxcin cervical cancer but last week she and her boyfriend had missed off limits. Currently she is very worried about whether his appearance there at risk or not? Relations were already vaccinated so effectively no doctor sir? "
One patient - 24 years - Canada has asked, "Last year I had planned to get married. I have to learn and know more and more people are suffering from cancer of the cervix, and I'm very worried. I'm intending to go vaccine to prevent the illness but I had sex and did not know the vaccination was not effective doctor sir? ".
Explaining this problem doctors said the signs of cervical cancer is very difficult to know so many people only detected when the disease has moved to the final stages makes treatment extremely difficult. Despite being considered a serious disease, but we can be prevented through vaccination. The most appropriate time for vaccination is that girls never have sex. This vaccine will be divided into 3 doses, injection of a specific time that is the 2nd tip is given again after the 1st 2 months nose, nose, nose 3rd after 2nd injection was 4 months. Although vaccinated subjects are women who have not had sex yet anyone who has sex can still carry out vaccination to avoid risk. With this object to vaccination should conduct tests to confirm the body was there or not HPV vaccine? The vaccine is only effective if the woman's body has not been infected with this virus, if infected with the vaccination would not be effective.
Not only interested in preventive vaccination doctors advised people to seek routine health examinations to screen for early breast diseases - Gynaecological as breast cancer, ovarian cancer ...
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