Sex warn vulnerable early cervical cancer

Sex warn vulnerable early cervical cancer
Those early sexual relations at risk for cervical cancer 3 times higher than those ties after 18 years.
Today the concept of sex for young people has changed quite a lot. Discuss this issue experts said the psychological nature of sex is not bad problem we need to recognize them is. In Western countries, sex education programs are to be taught from an early age so they have quite a clear understanding on this issue. Putting armor on school sex education from an early age helps children take steps to protect themselves and their partners to avoid the sexually transmitted infection and unwanted pregnancy.
In the United States the issue of sex education has not been recognized properly. The reality shows that the percentage of women under 18 years of age you go abortions are great, besides the sexually transmitted infection such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea also quite popular. More seriously for the girls to have sex too soon even that causes cervical cancer.

The symptoms of cervical cancer early stage it is difficult to recognize accompanied by psychological subjectivity, lack of understanding of the youth makes the condition becomes more serious. A lot of female friends when detecting the disease has moved to an advanced stage, treatment difficulties, major complications, there are many cases of amputations as inability pregnancy and childbirth.
So relations are considered age soon?
According to doctors the girlfriend having sex before age 18 is considered premature and high-risk disease. Explaining the issue of Hospital experts said body at this age the girls are in the period of strong growth, not perfection. Besides, this is a very young age, you are not equipped with enough knowledge to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted infection, as well as a safe contraceptive. The relationship soon will increase the risk of infection causing bacteria growing conditions and genital attacks easier. In addition to the risk of cervical cancer before the age of 18 the sex factor is also increased incidence of ovarian cancer.
According to the latest statistics indicate in our country the incidence of cervical cancer is 20 / 100,000, and this figure is increasing further. Doctors advised the youth not to have sex too soon and need to equip themselves with the knowledge to protect themselves and their partners from the risk of sexually transmitted infection.
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