Ovarian cancer is no longer scary

Ovarian cancer is no longer scary
For a long time ovarian cancer is still known to everyone is a serious disease that directly threaten the health and lives of women. But recent studies of scientists from the American Cancer Society, said the disease completely scary as people think. The scientists said the disease can be cured and will last a lifetime much if detected in time.
Dr. Rosemary Cress under the University of California - Davis said that if people have to think of patients with ovarian cancer will die is incorrect. Scientists have conducted a study and said that 3582 out of 11,541 participants in the study have a lifetime of more than 10 years after detection.
PhD - author of the study said, adding that this information will help open up new directions in diagnosis and treatment of this serious disease.
According to the scientists working at the US National Cancer Institute said about 45.6% of women have the ability to detect disease survived 5 years since its discovery, and an estimated 30% of patients can survive 10 years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
The authors of the research team analyzed the statistics of California Cancer Registry, this study based on 11,541 women were diagnosed with ovarian UT epithelial form - this is one of the most common forms disease.
End of program research scientists have found that up to 31% or about 3582 patients can live for 10 years after detection. Among those who participated in the study, up to 954 patients who were judged to be at high risk of death from the disease or have been diagnosed with end-stage disease, the tumor was no sign of the metastasis to other organs in the body.
Due to a limited number of conditions, this study can not explain exactly why the patient can survive for long periods even though one has been diagnosed with such disease. One hypothesis is in place that is a mutation in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic structure can be the cause to help these patients may respond better to these treatments. Despite further intensive studies, the evidence to prove the relationship between gene mutation and ability to treat ovarian UT findings but also opens up new opportunities for patients unfortunately suffer from this cruel disease.
Scientists are trying to figure out the link between this gene mutations with the risk of diseases such as breast cancer or cervical cancer from which to find the best treatments.
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