Ovarian cancer from the pill

Ovarian cancer from the pill
Many women use birth control pills are often unaware that the use of this medication regularly not only effective contraceptive effect but also helps prevent the risk of ovarian cancer.Ovarian cancer has long been considered the doctor a serious disease in women. The level of danger of the disease are reviewed in the element that is the incidence of and mortality from the disease constantly increasing ,. On the other hand symptoms in the early stages is often blurred makes detecting patients survival rate after 5 years is very little. But recently scientists have said the rate of women suffering from this disease greatly reduced in those who used the pill for a long time continuously.

One industry publications - The Lancet has published research results of the team under the University of Oxford said that can prevent ovarian cancer from oral contraceptive effectiveness. The researchers have shown that women who use the pill for 30 years the incidence of the disease is greatly reduced.Scientists have conducted tests and tracked more than 1,000 volunteers, all of whom are encouraged to use the drug for a period of 10 years. The analytical results show that for those who before the age of 75 with the incidence decreased significantly from 12% to 8%, for the 75-year-old woman, the greater the risk of disease decreased from 75 to only 5%.

To prove his statement than for the team also had to scale over 21 other countries around the world. In response to this study there were 23 257 women and 31% of them (about 7,300 people) did not detect the presence of ovarian cells at UT. Besides the scientists also said regular medication to help prevent cervical cancer effectively.

To assess the relationship between oral contraceptives and cancer risk attached professors from Harvard Medical School also conducted an experiment with the participation of 107,900 volunteers. Trial implementation period lasts for a period that is 28 years. End of program research scientists analyzed and come to the conclusion if using oral contraceptives in women 10 years can reduce the risk of up to 38%. For those women who used the drug for a period of 5 years, the ability to fight infection is greatly reduced.Before effective preventive effect doctors are spot warning people should consider carefully before using these drugs for a long time because of the side effects they can bring. Besides, when there are symptoms such as abdominal pain simmering in pelvis, vaginal bleeding, menstrual, tired people need medical care immediately because these could be signs of resistance risk report. Diagnosis of ovarian cancer at an early stage, the treatment efficiency will be improved a lot.
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