No Bra Day the same response for breast cancer prevention

No Bra Day the same response for breast cancer prevention
No Bra Day the same response for breast cancer prevention
If you accidentally step into the street, or look on the TV and see that a lot of women do not wear bras, it also should not act too surprised. By the opinion of many countries around the world each year will be taken 13-10 days is "Do not wear bras" - No Bra Day. In response to this program some people have set a date that is dated 9-7-2011 to convey the message that is "free của breast" - freed to help repel breast cancer risk breast.
The origins of National No Bra Day Day where to start?
According to several sources said this day was founded in the United States to help everyone be able to "improve understanding of the disease Breast Cancer". Accordingly in this 13-10 day all you can comfortably get rid of your bra for 24 hours to enjoy the relaxed and reduce risk.
Discusses the origins of the day No Bra Day literature has said that in the 60s of last century the phrase "No Bra" is understood that the release of the body completely of women simultaneously free from all blame society's binding experiments. Entering to the 70s of the century that the phrase "No Bra" was understood in a broader sense it functions as a symbol of freedom completely sister.
Considering in many different angles, we can notice that the words "No Bra" brings a lot of good sense to release women and bring plenty of good sense for womankind.
As science has developed together with medical advances many scientists have conducted many experiments and showed that the wearing of corsets 24/24 together with the disorder shirt for a long time is the cause the breast cancer disease. According to researchers who wear bras less than the signs of breast cancer was also significantly reduced.
Many recent surveys have shown that more than 85% of women in the world wearing the bra does not fit and you wear more than 10 hours / 1 day risk doubled compared to those wear bras less than the time of day.
Besides reducing the risk of breast cancer to wearing bras limitations also bring positive effects such as:
- Helps you sleep better. The bra off while sleeping will help respiratory capabilities and better blood circulation helps sleep is more restful.
- Reduce the risk of sagging. One reason seems to hear "paradox" but if the wear regular bras but incorrect size can cause breast tenderness than usual.
- Prevent the risk erupt. The wear bras for too long in the hot days is the cause of pimples on your back and chest. Removing cardigan will help you prevent acne risk.
According to the statistics show that besides breast cancer and ovarian cancer, the cervical cancer is a serious disease and is quite common in women.
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