Nasopharyngeal cancer prevention by means of vaccination against cervical cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer prevention by means of vaccination against cervical cancer
Australians scientists said the vaccine injected cervical cancer vaccine will work to prevent the risk of throat cancer effectively.
Dr. Mahiban Thomas - Dean function under the Royal Darwin Hospital - Australia says more than 70% of cases of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer is caused by HPV. The scientists also confirmed that this virus is not only harmful to women, but also a direct impact on the health of men. Many studies have detected the presence of HPV strains in fluids of people who are diagnosed with throat cancer.

Recently the Center Control and Prevention US epidemic has widely published information shows that vurut HPV can be transmitted through oral sex. Doctors recommend oral intercourse can cause men at risk for throat cancer and some other diseases head and neck.
Previous findings on doctors recommendations to prevent risk people should actively HPV vaccination. Currently, the Australian government has implemented many concrete actions to protect children from the risk of disease.
In the US and some developing countries have implemented government vaccinating both men and women. Besides the protection of both men and women from the risk of sexually transmitted infection such as penile cancer, anal cancer or some other disease caused by the HPV virus. The vaccine not only helps people to be vaccinated themselves from the risk of disease, but also help you to prevent the risk of disease.
Before this information many also seem suspicious but experts said ahead of the actual situation of the incidence of HPV-related diseases on the rise, the vaccination is extremely necessary. According to a recent report said the United States during the period from 1974 to 2007 the percentage of men suffering from diseases associated with this virus at 225%.
The professor at Ohio State, said American men frequently have sex behavior are at risk of throat cancer is much higher. Specifically, experts said those who commit acts of sexual intercourse by mouth at risk for head and neck cancer than 8 times compared with those who do not or rarely through this relationship.
The remarkable thing is that people suffering from throat cancer tends increasingly in recent years a number of growing and oral sex in the near future may become the first agent that causes cancer dome throat.
Before the information on the expert recommends that everyone should actively prevent HPV vaccination to the risk of head and neck patients from infections to cancer.
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