Lung cancer diagnosis through testing telomere

Lung cancer diagnosis through testing telomere
Lung cancer is considered a serious disease by movements quietly and very difficult to detect. However in a recent report by scientists at the American University of Chicago published a report showing lung cancer can be detected early through testing methods telomeres.
This finding was conducted in the context of the number of lung cancer patients on a lot. Alarming thing here is that the majority of patients are detected when the disease was in the final stages with dangerous complications, a direct threat to the life of the patient as well as the treatment of infinity costly and difficult.
Scientists have conducted analysis and came to the conclusion that people with long telomeres genetic makeup than usual with higher risk than those with the genetic makeup of the average level.
According to the scientists, said telomere is the repetition of the gene in the tips of chromosomes. Role of telomeres in the body are:
- Helps cells divide while maintaining the amount of chromosomes, telomeres without the gene will tend to shorten after each cell division.
- Ensure the division are the two poles NTS avoid fused together.
Deviations in the function of telomeres can cause dangerous diseases.
With the results of this study the scientists hope to be able to diagnose lung cancer at an early stage as well as possible to find the cures of this dangerous disease.
Besides telomere testing methods currently popular methods used for early diagnosis of the disease to bring high efficiency are:
- X-ray of the lungs. This method is widely used and most effective in the diagnosis of lung cancer. Advantages of this method it is possible to observe clear picture of the lungs to detect abnormal tumor, pleural effusion, assessing the vulnerability of this department.
- Computerized tomography. This method is often used when patients have symptoms of lung cancer and x-rays suspect the appearance of tumors. With this method the changes of even the smallest lung will also be detected correctly.
- Lung biopsy. This is the most accurate method can help doctors accurately confirmed pharmaceutical infected patients have cancer cells or not.
Some other methods are used to diagnose other diseases that early pleural puncture, bronchoscopy, sputum.
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