Liver cancer diet should do?

Liver cancer diet should do?
For patients being diagnosed with liver cancer, what to eat and what not to eat is always a problem a lot of people interested. So patients with liver cancer should abstain from eating anything? In this context we will go to find out more detail.
A sensible diet supplements besides nutrients for the body, ensuring energy for daily activities, it also has a positive effect in supporting the treatment and prevention of relapse risk . For patients who are being treated for liver cancer should abstain from certain foods, such as:
- Limit your intake of foods high in fat.
Increased fat in the liver closely related to diet yourself. For patients with liver problems UT people first note that tolerance should limit fatty foods such as animal fats, animal skin ...
- Control the amount of protein.
When the liver is damaged protein degradation is also affected. When protein is taken into the body too much and not be decomposed off will lead to an accumulation in the liver causes the liver to be under great pressure. That's why doctors recommend that patients and family members should note restrict foods such as eggs, fish, poultry, milk ... But it should be noted patients should not cut the absolute amount of protein is introduced into the body, but instead can supplement from plant sources such as soy, tofu ...
- Say no to alcohol.
Alcohol has long been known as one of the causes of diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular and cancer. Therefore, not only for patients who are in treatment time general cancer should stay away from this drink. Besides the sick note should not use carbonated beverages, tobacco products or other stimulants.
- Limit your intake of salt. 

Although salt has an important role in the body but too much salt loading can cause significant impact on human health, especially for patients who are being treated for liver cancer. The control is not merely the amount of salt from processed foods that daily salt intake may also be present in certain types of bread, the drinks. People need to consider in order to replenish the salt so that the most appropriate.
Above are a few notes in the diet of patients with liver cancer should adhere to the treatment better place as well as to avoid the risk of recurrent disease. Patients and relatives can consult the opinion of nutrition experts to be able to offer the most suitable menu.
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