Learn the causes of primary liver cancer

Learn the causes of primary liver cancer
According to the doctor more than 80% of patients with liver cancer as primary liver cells. So what caused the illness on? In this context we will learn.
Primary liver cancer is understood as malignant cells arise from other liver cells with secondary cancer is metastatic cancer cells from other parts of the body to the liver. Some patients tend to metastasize to the liver that is breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer ...
What is the cause?
A tumor arising from the vagaries of a liver cells that cause diseases has not been clear conclusion. Many hypothesis that agents from the environment, infection, genetic modification factors increase risk. Several factors may be mentioned as:
- Cirrhosis. This is a chronic liver disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrous tissue, scar tissue, as well as the setting up of freshmen note the change led to occasional functionality of this department. In patients with early stage disease is often not detected because the symptoms are not clear, as the disease has moved san late-stage patients will notice some signs such as jaundice, yellow eyes, rashes, dropsy, bleeding tooth, fibrosis or dangerous than to lead to cancer.
- Infection with hepatitis B or C virus in a long time. Normally for patients infected viral hepatitis B and C it takes about 20 years to clear manifestations. Vietnam is a country with a hot and humid climate is favorable environment for the development of the virus so the proportion of people in our country super viral infection is very high.
- Smoke. Much evidence suggests that smoking is the cause of primary liver UT, thyroid cancer and some other dangerous disease.
- Alcoholics. Regular alcohol consumption is also known as the cause of the liver disease, stomach and the problems related to nerves. To avoid the risk of infection as well as a healthy spirit doctors recommend that people do not abuse alcohol. People who drink alcohol and smoking and disease risk is much higher than those who do not use these products.
- Chemical poisoning. Another reason why developers need to tell patients that exposure to toxic chemicals such as arsenic, aflatoxin ... The patient can be infected with these chemicals through water, food or from the air. Scientists recommend that people should stay away from the mining sector, the chemical factories or places suspected radiation poisoning.
Based on understanding the causes of disease doctors hope people understand more about the mechanism of pathogenesis which has methods for proactive prevention.
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