Learn the breast to prevent cancer from olive oil

Learn the breast to prevent cancer from olive oil
The team from Spain said eating a small amount of olive oil per day will help you to prevent the risk of breast cancer is extremely effective.
This announcement was made after the Spanish scientists have conducted a survey with the participation of 4282 women in the country In any of volunteers participating scientists will split their diet of many different parts. Specifically it is a group of women will be randomly assigned to eat a diet of the Mediterranean. In-style meals of Mediterranean the sisters will be added lots of variety seeds, minimizing the amount of fat, oil and grease are introduced into the body through daily meals.
It is particularly reserved for the followers of this diet that is an average of 1 families will consume about 1 liter of olive oil for about 1 week. Besides the meals of the participants in this study has been added so many other fruits like walnuts 15 grams, 7.5 grams of hazelnuts and almonds gr 7.5.
This study was conducted in approximately 5 years they have concluded that the 68% reduction in risk for frequent cases of olive oil daily use. People who regularly eat fat, eat nuts are less signs of breast cancer increased more pronounced.
Explaining this claim scientists said in olive oil contains oleic acid content is extremely abundant and squalene. According to the analysis of oleic acid has the potential to impact directly on the mutagenic cells - cause cancer. Squalene quality analysis that we help support the prevention of oxidation.
Besides repelling risk of breast cancer scientists also added that the establishment of a diet with a moderate amount of olive oil will help to improve health, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, the risk of stroke.
To maintain health and risk repelling besides setting a reasonable diet, olive oil supplements daily scientists also recommend that people should plan to exercise regularly, periodic health examination. For those women who gave birth less, women over 40, who suffer from diseases related to breast health, should consult regularly the capital cancer screening. According to doctors who still are at high risk for breast cancer or ovarian cancer than other subjects.
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