Jaundice may have liver cancer?

Jaundice may have liver cancer?
There are many causes of the phenomenon of yellow eyes, yellow skin. In some cases this is a warning sign of risk can not be ignored, including liver cancer.
Hospital doctors said the cancer has many fine causes jaundice syndrome. Patients with yellow eyes, yellow skin from small in medicine called hereditary jaundice, also known with a different name that is Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor. This is a relatively rare disease, only cases of hepatic congestion congenital bile. In adult cases jaundice phenomenon began to appear, it may be due to the following reasons:

 - Obstruction of bile ducts: 

There are many causes of biliary obstruction may be mentioned as adenocarcinoma tumor makes him appear pinched biliary tract. When this disease patients will experience some symptoms such as fever, severe abdominal pain. In many cases jaundice was a manifestation of pancreatic cancer, people should be very note.
- Liver damage.  

People with viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis may also have symptoms of jaundice.
- Yellowing of the skin due to the melting of the blood: 

For patients with anemia caused by congenital hemolytic phenomenon phenomenon has yellow eyes and skin. The reason is that the red blood cells are destroyed or burned beyond recognition making of this cell function is impaired. Patients with this disease often have common characteristics that are quite striking yellow skin, the phenomenon of anemia, abnormally enlarged spleen. These are the symptoms of leukemia can not be ignored.
- Jaundice due to diet. 

 If patients eat too much food containing carotene as papaya, bananas, tomatoes, carrots will also show signs of jaundice. If the cause comes from the diet, just reset the menu body will return to normal.
- Symptoms of liver cancer.

 For liver cancer, one of the first signs to identify disease risk that is certified gold eyes, jaundice. The disease doctor recommended if body aesthetic appearance jaundice symptoms accompanied by loss of appetite, loss of appetite, fatigue, sweats, abdominal pain, diarrhea distributed live ... need physical weakness right to health facilities for inspection.
Although jaundice is not enough basis to draw conclusions with liver cancer or not but the doctor recommended to inform your doctor immediately for advice and timely examination. Detection and early treatment to help improve the efficiency of treatment and prolong life for patients.
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