How to prevent cervical cancer

How to prevent cervical cancer
Not only affects sex life, health, fertility that cervical cancer was a direct threat to the lives of women. As reported by the Ministry of Health every year millions of women dying from the disease. Before the dangers of the disease to bring the issue how to prevent the risk that problems are numerous people interested.
According to medical experts said that cervical cancer is a dangerous disease that people can finish preventable disease risk through habits, diet or daily lifestyle. So that's specifically how let's find out the contents below.
- HPV vaccine injections.
The doctor recommended to protect health and prevent disease risk people should actively HPV vaccination. To achieve the best performance everyone should be vaccinated before sex, drugs given as soon as possible. Note the vaccine only works to prevent disease risk, for people already infected with HPV vaccines are not effective against the disease.
- Do not have sex soon.
The sexual intercourse before age 18 not only increases the risk of cervical UT but also increases the risk of diseases such as ovarian cancer, vaginal infections. In addition to sex too early when the girls are not equipped with enough knowledge about reproductive health as well as to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infection caused risk of unintended pregnancy, infectious infectious diseases such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea higher.
- Establish scientific menus.
Although it is a serious disease but cervical cancer can be prevented if there is a scientific diet and reasonable. To provide sufficient energy for a day's work as well as providing the body with nutrients people need to ensure a balance of vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, magnesium ... Some foods people should supplement strawberries, dark chocolate, broccoli, turmeric, black art, nuts ...
Maintaining the habit of drinking 2 cups of green tea can also help prevent cancer effectively. EGCG found in green tea helps prevent aging and prevent cancer effectively.
- Periodic health examination.

The periodic health examination helps track health but also help you detect early disease risk. The detection and treatment of cervical cancer at an early stage not only helps improve the efficiency of treatment is to minimize the negative complications of the disease can occur. During the visit the women will be tested to diagnose the disease early Paps.
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