Hormonal methods increase the risk of breast cancer

Hormonal methods increase the risk of breast cancer
Medical experts recommend the use of drugs, these products enhance hormone may be the cause of breast cancer people should pay attention to eliminate this risk.
Recently, scientists from the United States have once again reaffirmed the relationship between the use of the hormone to women (especially women with pre-menopausal period at risk. The use of hormonal products enhance not only increase the risk of diseases that medical experts say they also directly affect health even the lives of the sisters if used in a long time as well as in high doses and without the guidance of a doctor.
In the 90s hormonal methods are a lot of women used as an optimal choice for women can maintain beauty, enhance female physiology as well as to prevent the risk of some diseases Parking by the premenopausal period caused. But then one time many studies have been conducted to assess the effects of this hormone therapies for human health. Some reports have been offered as a subject of discussion in the US, said San Antonio women premenopausal period if using a mixture of estrogen and progestin for a period of 2 years the risk of their breast cancer will 2x increase compared to those with little or no use. Not only is the cause of breast cancer scientists also recommended if using hormone therapy for a long time and no appointment of medical experts, the sisters may increase risk ovarian cancer, cervical much higher.
To clarify the risk for the use of hormonal methods Rowan Chlebowski doctors and colleagues conducted a study with the 166.608 women over 50 years old. Some participants in the study were assigned to use a mixture of estrogen and progestin (Prempro) and the rest are designated using the placebo - placebo. After 2 years of testing the scientists have found that people who used Prempro designated risk of breast cancer is higher than 26% compared with those who received placebo specify the use of placebo.
The Pill is a product capable of changing hormone levels and is a sister product to be the most common use today. Aside from birth control pills, the sisters also find a dedicated oral drugs to replenish hormones. Many women when there are signs of breast cancer, such as breast pain, tenderness, swelling went exam and was diagnosed with the disease and the main cause is the use of hormonal methods incorrectly. Doctors recommend that in case of need hormone supplementation should consult medical experts.
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