Has quit with lung cancer should be examined or not?

Has quit with lung cancer should be examined or not?
Numerous studies and abroad have come to affirm that tobacco causes a leading cause of cancer phoi.Y realize the dangers of tobacco are many who have committed to protect drug elimination his health. However there are many problems that are posed after quitting and may need to conduct cancer screening or not?
According to experts the symptoms of lung cancer at an early stage it is difficult to recognize the disease so often only discovered when turned to late stages. The medical examinations, disease screening in those with high risk will help detect early disease risk, especially those who have the habit of smoking, the examination becomes important. For those who still need to quit cancer screening. The medical examinations for early detection of cancer is not only recommended for those who are smoking but also those who have quit smoking or healthy people.
Some people are so frequent medical examinations to diagnose lung cancer are:
- He used to smoke tobacco in a long time in large quantities.
- People have the habit of drinking alcohol, stimulants.
- Elder.
- People with a history of diseases related to lungs as pulmonary abscesses, tuberculosis ...
- The relatives have been diagnosed with lung UT.
- Ordinary people are exposed to environmental toxic chemicals.
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