End-stage lung cancer can not be cured?

End-stage lung cancer can not be cured?
Lung cancer is a dreaded disease and are quite common in our country. There are many paths that can lead to disease, in which the main cause is determined to be caused by smoking habits regularly. If lung cancer late stage opportunities cured whether, and if so what would be the best hospital?
Lung cancer silently movements, difficult to detect.
Not long ago an artist makes the audience nervous country information before the disease of lung cancer late stages of her. Many people expressed their shared concern and encouragement to overcome technology think serious diseases.
End-stage cancer in general and lung cancer metastasis particular period are difficult to treat. So, if you are diagnosed with multiple people only think about death. They think the only cure more useless and completely abandon the chance to live.
With optimism like the character in the film Riding quenh, artist Han Van Tinh trust, upbeat, always self-1 chance of survival, fought bravely with cancer evil monster.
After being taken to the hospital treatment was diagnosed artists: lung cancer, non-small cell stage IV. With a team of doctors, professors in the country are gathered at the hospital to treat the country's leading cancer have more "life chances for the true artist." After a period of treatment with the drug Tarceva - lung cancer treatment best today has brought positive results.
Currently, the artist is quite good health. After the follow-up visit at the hospital no signs of recurrence. This really is a good example to follow in the fight against cancer. Thanks to the spirit of optimism always give myself a "life chances" and were treated to good effect in one of the hospital's largest cancer treatment facility should a new country brings such positive results.
So, if you are unlucky with the disease, all patients should be brave to face. If the prognosis is good treat high.
Lung cancer prevention.
However, doctors at the hospital always recommend patients should actively prevent and efficient screening. By:
-Say No to smoking, all factors that can increase the risk for removal.
-Maintain Periodic health examinations are important in disease screening.
-When Showing signs of lung cancer should be examined immediately, not to time to explore new heavy.
1 few common symptoms need to be alert, such as prolonged cough, coughing up blood, chest pain, difficulty breathing, wheezing, rapid weight loss in a short time.
Preventive chamber by positive lifestyle changes: exercise regularly, hard exercise, increase fiber from foods such as oranges every day, grapes, apples ..
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