Effective breathing exercises for patients after lung cancer surgery

Effective breathing exercises for patients after lung cancer surgery
For the treatment of patients after lung cancer surgery by means of patient's breathing will face many difficulties. In this context we will learn exercises can help patients breathe easier after removing part of the lung.
Why should approach breathing?
According to the physicians of Hospital patients were diagnosed with lung cancer and was treated by surgical methods pulmonary function of this department would be seriously affected. For those patients who are appointed and part cutting a pulmonary respiratory functions were impaired in a serious way. To the person may be familiar with the lack part of this department, and help the patient can breathe normally as possible, setting up the breathing exercises is essential.
According to the doctors actually breathing exercises are a combination of qigong exercises, tai chi, meditation, yoga ... to circulate blood flow in the best way. The air conditioning of inhaled and exhaled will work to push up CO2 accumulates in the body and gain the maximum amount of oxygen into the body. This exercise mainly uses the diaphragm to affect other parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, intestines, abdominal, intercostal ...
How to breathe is good for health?
According to doctors breathing method that is carried out in collaboration sunken belly movements exhale, inhale, try to take a deep breath, breathing evenly. Patients can perform this action in conjunction with limb movement gentle, relaxing walks. Note that people should choose to practice in areas where fresh air, airy, should practice in the morning, choose clothes comfortable, relaxed spirit ...
Besides breathing to process more rapid recovery of patients to note:
- Rest reasonable. After surgery the patient needs some time to rest, avoid heavy labor, avoid strong advocacy.
- Scientific diet. Patients after surgery body fatigue, weakness cream is the phenomenon whereby anorexia, dyspepsia. In the family of patient care to note the form processing software dishes, cooked, provides a full range of nutrients.
- Regular health checks. After treatment the patient will be set up appointments to visit doctors, tracking the recovery process as well as check the appearance of the tumor or not. Patients and family members should talk to their doctor appointments as scheduled. Besides the symptoms of lung cancer or suspected ill people also need medical care immediately.
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